Hydraulic Services

Wallace and Cooper offer a wide range of quality brands and products and has grown to be a leading supplier in the South Island, ensuring customer requirements are met efficiently.

We do repair and maintenance on hydraulic machinery, cylinders/rams, pumps, motors,
valves, accumulators and pneumatics.

We Provide

  • Inspection to assess reparability and failure cause.
  • The manufacture of hydraulic power packs made to general specification or your specific requirements.
  • Installation of steel and stainless steel tubing and hydraulic lines.
  • Commissioning and maintenance of all hydraulic systems.
  • Designing maintenance programmes
  • Oil condition monitoring.

Hydraulic Facilities

  • Test Rigs to handle majority of open and closed loop hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders and valves.
  • Cylinder Stripping facilities to handle up to 250 mm bore and 6000 mm stroke
  • 4 Auxiliary Valve Test Rigs for general valve testing and setting.
  • Flow Meter Capabilities to 700 LPM @ 350 Bar.
  • Hydraulic Services Industrial Design and Commissioning
  • Off street entrances to allow heavy and specialist machinery modification and maintenance.

Hydraulic Products

We offer a full range of Hydraulic products. Below is a sample of what we supply – if you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.


Throughout the years, The Gates Rubber Company has played a key role in the creation and development of high quality products.

In the early 1940s, Gates entered the hydraulic market as a supplier of bulk hose to meet the domestic and military machinery needs.

Today, the Gates Hydraulic market continues to grow both domestically and internationally offering a wide range of hydraulic products such as the new MegaSys® line of hydraulic products featured below.

MegaSys® Hoses

MegaSys has a new generation of hydraulic hose that offers maximum flexibility and leak prevention on heavy-duty applications, regardless of pressure. The line consists of five hoses that can be bent to one-half the SAE spec, thus saving overall hose assembly length and reducing costs by as much as 47%.

Engineers and end users can now use Gates extra-flexible hoses for complete hydraulic systems. From extremely high pressure to low pressure lines, Gates has them all, and all with half the SAE bend radius.

Gates MegaSys hoses run circles around the competition. Here are just some of the advantages of MegaSys hoses:

Reduces hose length requirements up to 47%
Flexibility allows routing in small places
Tight bend radius reduces the need for bent hydraulic fittings
Plumbs and bends easier than conventional hoses


Gates hydraulic hose programme for ultrahigh-pressure applications. MegaSpiral® stands for more convenience and more cleanliness in manufacturing OE-equivalent assemblies on site. The performance characteristics of MegaSpiral® assemblies have been proven in laboratory tests of up to 1 million impulse cycles at 133% working pressure. The MegaSpiral® very high-pressure spiral wire reinforced hoses are capable of working pressures up to 445 bar and meet or exceed DIN and SAE pressure requirements.


Hose Coupling

The range of hose couplings are available in three main series; Swage, Reusable and Push-On.

The Swage Series is designed as a combination tail suitable for use with all hose types including G6K and R14. Simply select the ferrule type to match the relevant hose.

The Reusuable Series is designed for use with 1 and 2 wire braid hose in both skive and non-skive form. The Reusuable body is selected to match the relevant hose.

Swage and Reusuable Tails should only be used with the Ferrules and Bodies as specified.

The Push-on Series are primarily designed for use with low pressure hose such as SAE100 R6 or equivalent. Use of hoseclips with this series will cause premature hose liner damage.

Thread Forms and Sealing Methods are manufactured to the relevant International Standards where applicable.


Stainless Steel Fittings

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel, the product series listed in this section are recommended for use in marine, food or corrosive applications.

The end styles, thread forms and sealing faces, are manufactured to the relevant international standards where applicable. The product series listed comprises a base range only, other swage tails, adaptors and re-usable fittings are available on application.

The listed range of fittings can be complemented by the range of Stainless Steel quick action couplers, tube, tube fittings and tube clamps with Stainless Steel hardware to form a total corrosion resistant plumbing package.



The Adaptor range is designed to provide the hydraulic systems designer with a wide range of thread options and combinations when used in conjunction with the range of hose tails.

Adaptors are designed and manufactured to conform with the functional requirements specified in the relevant International Standards. However it should be noted that the envelope dimensions given in this catalogue are for reference only. Dimensions may vary from those catalogued or specified in the standards due to product changes, varying tolerances and variation in manufacturing methods.

Adaptors are normally manufactured from high quality steel and are finished with a passivated zinc finish. Other material types are available on request.
For adaptor types not listed in the master listings please contact Wallace & Cooper’s for further information or special product design.


Quick Release Coupling

Faster® has had more than forty-five years experience in the hydraulic sector and today has the widest selection of quick-action couplings for middle, high and very high pressure: 24 different lines, interchangeable with more than 2000 types of couplings. FASTER® products are interchangeable with the most widely used couplings on the market.

Quick action couplings are primarily designed to allow quick and easy connection/disconnection of fluid transfer lines.  The installation of Quick Action Couplings in fluid systems can eliminate the need to close valves, recharge and bleed the system as well as minimsing fluid loss whenever a component or attachment is removed or fitted to the system.  The ability of some Quick Action Couplings to rotate is also of benefit for relieving torsional stress on hose assemblies.

N.B. Quick Action Couplings are NOT designed for use as constant rotation unions. Swivel unions should be used for this function.

The following questions should be considered to ensure the correct coupling is selected for the application.

  • What functions are required of the coupling?
  • What is the fluid flow rate required?
  • What is the system pressure – include spike pressures?
  • What is the allowable pressure drop at required flow rate?
  • Does the coupling need to be connected/disconnected under pressure?
  • What fluid is being used?
  • Is minimum fluid loss or air inclusion critical?
  • Does the coupling need to interchange with existing units?



Ball Seal Type – Ball Lock
Poppet Seal Type – Ball Lock
Poppet Seal Type – Screw Connection
Flat Face Type – Push to Connect
Flat Face Type – Screw Connection
Flat face Type – Diagnostic
Poppet Seal Type – I.S.O. ‘A’ Interchange
Poppet Seal Type – I.S.O. ‘B’ Interchange
Multi-Faster Type – Multiple Connections
Refrigeration Series

Poppet Seal Type – I.S.O. ‘B’ Interchange
Poppet Seal Type – Screw Connection
Flat Face Type – Push to Connect
Flat Face Type – Screw Connection

Poppet Seal Type – I.S.O. ‘B’ Interchange
Poppet Seal Type – Screw Connection

Dust Covers
Check Valves



Tube Fittings

Tube Fittings – metric & imperial

  • Manufactured to DIN 2353 (Metric) and SAE J514 (Imperial) specifications.
  • Interchangeable with other Metric Tube Fittings manufactured to the same specifications.
  • Extensive range covering most applications. Fittings are manufactured from high quality bar stock with forged bodies for Elbows and Tees.
  • Easy assembly – no special tools required.

Steel Hydraulic Tube

High Quality Seamless Annealed Tube


  • Excellent heat dissipation gives higher temperature ratings.
  • Common sizes available in both Imperial and Metric.
  • Can be used with BITE, FLARE or WELD Couplings.
  • Annealed for easy working.
  • Can be bent to tighter radius than hydraulic hose.


  • Neater plumbing lines.
  • Cost savings in certain applications.
  • Longer life span in certain applications.
  • Annealed for easy working.
  • Can handle higher pressure.
  • Assists with heat reduction

Hydraulic Tube Bending

We can now produce tube assemblies to customers’e-off or multi-unit production basis. All we require is a sample or drawing to produce from. The result will be a dimensionally accurate tube assembly every time with significant savings in both labour and direct costs. We have the ability to preset cutting ring tolerances for the tube fittings and attach tube fittings and nuts to exact tolerances ensuring a leak-free assembly

  • Steel pipe with swan-neck bends and bevels, bent on Tubomat 2060.
  • External deburring
  • Internal deburring
  • 30° chamfer
  • Hydraulic pipe Ø 25 x 1.5mm, bent on Tubobend
  • Solid Bar Ø 10 mm, bent on Tuboform with special tooling
  • 38.0 mm hydraulic pipe 180° (radius = 2 x D) with minimal reduction of the cross-section of the outer and inner bends; with pre-assembled cutting ring (left) suitable for pipes from 6-42 mm O.D. and flared screw-fitting (right) for pipes from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″, 6-42 mm. Ø.
  • Brass pipe Ø 12 x 1 mm, bent on Tuboform as mandrel-tip bender
  • Hydraulic pipe Ø 16 mm with off-set bends bent on Tuboform
  • Hydraulic pipe Ø 8 x 1 mm, bent on Tuboform.

Ball Valves

Comprehensive range of 2 and 3 way high pressure hydraulic ball valves in various thread configurations.

The Ball Valves stocked can be used for a wide range of applications.  The valves are available in steel, stainless steel and brass material options subject to the pressure and porting requirements. When specifying or selecting a ball valve for a particular application the following selection should be considered:

  • Fluid to be conveyed – are the valve seals and materials compatible?
  • What are the functional requirements of the valve connections?
  • What size and type of port threads are required?
  • Temperature – check both ambient and fluid temperature requirements.
  • Operations pressure – surge and spike pressure should be considered.
  • Rate of flow and velocity of fluid to be conveyed.
  • Size of valve to suit both flow and pressure requirements.

In addition to the valves listed in the Product Catalogue, a wide range of options for port connection styles including SAE, DIN and ANSI flanges, ball and stem seals, porting configurations as well as special materials and valve types are available on request.

Contact us  for any special application requirements.


Hydraulic Oil


Premium Grade ISO 46 Hydraulic Oil – blended by Valvoline.

Valvoline Lubricants, confidence born from leadership, quality and service.

Available in 4L, 20L, 60L and 209L volumes.

Please contact us  for more information.


Hose Protection

Steel Armour – Coil Spring Type 

  • Protects Hose from abrasion, kinking & physical damage
  • Rust resistant zinc plated wire construction
  • Available close coiled or expanded
  • 1.5 metre lengths close coiled


 Steel Armour – Coil Sleeve Type 

  • Ideal for applications where excessive abrasion & physical damage can occur
  • Protects from kinking
  • Constructed from zinc plated & passivated flat section steel
  • Available in 4 metre lengths

 Plastic Armour – Coil Spring Type 

  • Protects hose from abrasion, kinking & damage
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Ideal for containing hose bundles
  • Can be installed after hose assembly is made
  • Virtually nil ‘rub’ on hose cover due to firm fit
  • Available in 15 metre lengths

 Protective Sleeve – Woven Nylon Type 

  • Woven from thousands of nylon filaments into a self renewing, abrasion resistant sleeve
  • As the sleeve is scuffed & worn, the filaments ‘friz’ forming an even thicker shield
  • Easily installed – simply slide over hose assemblys, chain, springs etc
  • Ideal for containing hose bundles
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Protects equipment operators by deflecting spray of hot fluids in the event of hose failure
  • 30 & 90 metre lengths
  • MSHA Accepted