Hose Protection

Steel Armour – Coil Spring Type

  • Protects Hose from abrasion, kinking & physical damage
  • Rust resistant zinc plated wire construction
  • Available close coiled or expanded
  • 1.5 metre lengths close coiled
 Steel Armour – Coil Sleeve Type

  • Ideal for applications where excessive abrasion & physical damage can occur
  • Protects from kinking
  • Constructed from zinc plated & passivated flat section steel
  • Available in 4 metre lengths
 Plastic Armour – Coil Spring Type

  • Protects hose from abrasion, kinking & damage
  • Excellent wear characteristics
  • Ideal for containing hose bundles
  • Can be installed after hose assembly is made
  • Virtually nil ‘rub’ on hose cover due to firm fit
  • Available in 15 metre lengths
 Protective Sleeve – Woven Nylon Type

  • Woven from thousands of nylon filaments into a self renewing, abrasion resistant sleeve
  • As the sleeve is scuffed & worn, the filaments ‘friz’ forming an even thicker shield
  • Easily installed – simply slide over hose assemblys, chain, springs etc
  • Ideal for containing hose bundles
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Protects equipment operators by deflecting spray of hot fluids in the event of hose failure
  • 30 & 90 metre lengths
  • MSHA Accepted