Engineering Specialists

Wallace & Cooper Ltd are specialists in marine, industrial and general and hydraulic engineering services. Founded in 1903 we are one of the most comprehensive workshops in South Canterbury with a wide range of specialist equipment. We are leaders in the fields of marine, industrial & hydraulic engineering services. Meeting today’s engineering needs with an innovative approach.

Our company is willing to work around the clock (24/7) providing maintenance and manufacturing services to meet the needs of industry to ensure productivity and machine reliability.

All contracts, tenders and quotes requirements are handled by specialised personnel who are well experienced in all aspects of quoting and contractual requirements. Offering fast and efficient service to all clients.

The staff is continually looking for opportunities to quote on any of the following:-

  • Manufacturing
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Ship repair work
  • Surveys
  • Hydraulic repairs or installation
  • Boiler inspection / maintenance
  • Fabrication