Steel Hydraulic Tube

High Quality Seamless Annealed Tube


  • Excellent heat dissipation gives higher temperature ratings.
  • Common sizes available in both Imperial and Metric.
  • Can be used with BITE, FLARE or WELD Couplings.
  • Annealed for easy working.
  • Can be bent to tighter radius than hydraulic hose.


  • Neater plumbing lines.
  • Cost savings in certain applications.
  • Longer life span in certain applications.
  • Annealed for easy working.
  • Can handle higher pressure.
  • Assists with heat reduction

Hydraulic Tube Bending

Hydraulink can now produce tube assemblies to customers’e-off or multi-unit production basis. All Hydraulink requires is a sample or drawing to produce from. The result will be a dimensionally accurate tube assembly every time with significant savings in both labour and direct costs. Hydraulink has the ability to preset cutting ring tolerances for the tube fittings and attach tube fittings and nuts to exact tolerances ensuring a leak-free assembly

  • Steel pipe with swan-neck bends and bevels, bent on Tubomat 2060.
  • External deburring
  • Internal deburring
  • 30° chamfer
  • Hydraulic pipe Ø 25 x 1.5mm, bent on Tubobend
  • Solid Bar Ø 10 mm, bent on Tuboform with special tooling
  • 38.0 mm hydraulic pipe 180° (radius = 2 x D) with minimal reduction of the cross-section of the outer and inner bends; with pre-assembled cutting ring (left) suitable for pipes from 6-42 mm O.D. and flared screw-fitting (right) for pipes from 1/4″ to 1 1/2″, 6-42 mm. Ø.
  • Brass pipe Ø 12 x 1 mm, bent on Tuboform as mandrel-tip bender
  • Hydraulic pipe Ø 16 mm with off-set bends bent on Tuboform
  • Hydraulic pipe Ø 8 x 1 mm, bent on Tuboform.