Ball Valves

Comprehensive range of 2 and 3 way high pressure hydraulic ball valves in various thread configurations.

The Ball Valves stocked can be used for a wide range of applications.  The valves are available in steel, stainless steel and brass material options subject to the pressure and porting requirements. When specifying or selecting a ball valve for a particular application the following selection should be considered:

  • Fluid to be conveyed – are the valve seals and materials compatible?
  • What are the functional requirements of the valve connections?
  • What size and type of port threads are required?
  • Temperature – check both ambient and fluid temperature requirements.
  • Operations pressure – surge and spike pressure should be considered.
  • Rate of flow and velocity of fluid to be conveyed.
  • Size of valve to suit both flow and pressure requirements.

In addition to the valves listed in the Product Catalogue, a wide range of options for port connection styles including SAE, DIN and ANSI flanges, ball and stem seals, porting configurations as well as special materials and valve types are available on request.

Contact us  for any special application requirements.